Successful financial planning requires a judicious mixture of applied experience, meticulous attention to detail and an informed and continuing assessment of what is right for you. It will help you structure your financial and personal affairs to enable you to spend your wealth on things you want to, at the time in your life that you wish, and on the people you choose.


At HC Wealth Management, we will work with you to create a lifetime Financial Plan that reflects what your short, medium and long term goals are and confirm whether or not they are realistic and achievable. We follow a tried and tested process to assess your needs and work with you to develop a Financial Plan that is targeted towards achieving your goals. Once the strategy is in place we then aim to work with you throughout your life and will continue to assess whether you are using your wealth in the manner you desire. We will regularly monitor and review the agreed Financial Plan, making adjustments as necessary.


This process is outlined below.


1. Discovery

During this stage you will meet with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM professionals to discuss what you are trying to achieve and enable you to learn more about our services. This meeting will give us both the opportunity to assess whether we can help you and whether you feel you can work with us. When we engage with a new client we expect to work with you for the remainder of your life and ensuring that we can work together to achieve your goals is therefore vital to the success or failure of what we do.


2. Research

Having agreed that we want to work together we then go through a detailed process with you to discover what it is that you want to achieve with your wealth and the timescales for any objectives. This process involves the gathering of certain pieces of information about you and any existing investments or policies that you may already have in place. At this stage we will require your input to ensure that the Plan we design is based on a clear understanding of your circumstances, your attitude to various factors and what it is that you want to achieve.


3. Confirming the Overall Plan

Having completed the first two stages we will provide you with a financial model that will demonstrate initially whether your goals and objectives are achievable. In building this model we will need to make a number of assumptions which we will agree with you, and will work with you to refine the model to ensure that the final version, which forms the basis of your overall Financial Plan, reflects the priorities that you have set.


4. Recommendations

Once we have agreed the overall Plan, we will recommend a strategy that will be targeted towards achieving your goals. We will outline the desired asset allocation for your investments, as well as review the structure and suitability of any policies and investments that you have in place. All of our recommendations will be made with reference to your objectives and geared towards helping you achieve them with the minimum probability of failure.


5. Implementation

Once you have agreed our recommendations, we will make all the necessary arrangements to implement the plan. Our highly skilled and experienced support team will work with you and your Planner to act on your behalf with the product providers, setting up new products and carry out any changes to existing products and arrangements that we believe are in your best interests.


Once all recommended actions are complete, we will write to you to confirm this, as well as outline what you can expect from us on an ongoing basis and when


6. Ongoing Review and Monitoring

Every year you will be provided with an opportunity to meet with your Financial Planner to review the progress of your Financial Plan and ensure that it continues to be based on relevant information about you and your aspirations and that your existing investments continue to be suitable.  If any revisions are required these meetings provide an opportunity to assess whether the strategy set in place also remains suitable and suggest any changes and rebalancing required. You are of course entitled to contact us at any time between the annual meetings to discuss any changes to your requirements.


You may also like to look at the case studies elsewhere on this site for illustrations of this process in action.


In addition if you would like to learn more or would like to arrange a meeting with a Financial Planner please contact us.

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