We have included three case studies which illustrate how we approached particular financial problems that clients faced and how we developed a strategy which clarified their current position and met their future expectations.


These studies bear witness to the basic principles which apply to every case we take on:


•       To seek an exact understanding of a client’s financial status at the outset

•       To set realistic short-, medium- and long-term goals with no element of undue risk

•       To review the case at regular intervals to ensure that these goals are achieved.


More information on how we work can be reached here

The Accumulation Phase

Mike and Jo run a



consultancy. Their

children are at a

secondary school in

a town...

Inheritance Tax Planning

Brian and Veronica,

both aged 65 and

retired, initially

contacted us for

Inheritance Tax

advice and to discuss

placing ...

The Spending Phase

Charles and Fiona

approached us

when they were

within two years of

retirement. They

had built up

savings during ...

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